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Canary monitor
Canary Agri
Smart Farm Monitors

Canary consists of self installable gas monitors complete with warning alarms and equipped with in built Bluetooth and 3G sim cards to allow farmers & farm workers to monitor slurry gas emissions on an ongoing basis, especially during periods of agitation. Until recently detecting dangerous gas in slurry pits has involved bulky equipment that needed constant calibrating & charging. Canary Agri’s Smart Farm Monitor provides real time monitoring before entering a hazardous area.

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Canary Sensors are self-installing and designed to be an Simple, Reliable, and Cost Effective way for farmers to monitor hazardous H2S levels, safeguarding farmers lives and protecting livestock. The Canary hydrogen sulfide (H2S) detector can detect H2S in less than five seconds – six times faster than the ISA standard. The detector’s speed of response is essential because high concentrations of H2S can cause instant death, while relatively short-term exposure to 500-1000 ppm can cause serious harm. In addition, the detector operates well in harsh environments and the onboard humidity and temperature sensors ensure accurate and repeatable readings.

Additional Features:
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Humidity / Temperature Tracking
  • Mobile application facility with Bluetooth M2M(SIM) & text notifications
  • Hard wearing, robust and rugged, IP-66/67 highly water-resistant design
  • Audible Alarm which provides typical 120 dB tone
  • Bright, quad-LED indication on alarm
  • Pre-calibrated plug-and-play sensor modules
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